a Journey with Grit

equine guided presence through the seasons

— what —

Personal development experiential journey in the presence of horses

This program offers an opportunity for folks who are creators, entrepreneurs, teachers, facilitators, change makers, healers and leaders to articulate their grit – passion and goals, to persevere and become brilliant in what they do and bring their greatness to others to learn and to reciprocate. Journey with Grit is a space to practice, discover, learn, reflect and be present within a small group learning experience.

— where —

Willaway Farm, 514 Ramsay Conc.12, Almonte, Ontario K0A 1A0

— when —

Two seasons, three days per season
Summer: Friday May 28th – Sunday May 30th, 2021
Fall: Friday September 24th – Sunday September 26th, 2021

— who —

Entrepreneurs, practitioners, educators, artists or social service workers who have shown years of dedication, perseverance and compassion to meet the needs of others. To persons who know what hard work requires and now have run out of steam, become stagnant, need change or feel unsuccessful or ‘not enough’.

Inquire about the exciting Journey with Grit if you…

  • Need to re-discover why you do what you do.
  • Want more joy, fun and passion woven back into daily routines.
  • Are ready and committed for an adventure which is part nature retreat and part non-verbal communication boot-camp.
  • Want to finally take your gloves off and dig deep and re-direct your perseverance and strengths into meaningful day-to-day, week-to-week presence with others.
  • Dare get some mud on your clothes.
  • Are curious how horses are masters at leading to your life’s purpose with confidence.

— why —

These two series of 3 days offer a unique journey with grit in the presence of horses and a group of talented, passionate and resilient entrepreneurs. Participate in this adventure if you want:

  • to grow your grit.
  • to lead with caring, collaborative, passionate PRESENCE.
  • to discover the subtle non-verbal forms of communication.
  • to navigate our diverse interactions with family, healthcare, business or community systems with more confidence and joy.
  • to play, have fun and be purposeful.
  • to create and ‘be’ with others, deepening your sense of reciprocity and connection.